Jordan basketball shoes is one of the Nike brand shoes production. Jordan basketball shoes is mainly suitable for basketball fans dressed. Because of comfortable, stylish design and good protection performance, loved by the majority of basketball fans. The main characteristic of Jordan basketball shoes and recognition method is the shoe body with Jordan dunk movement of logo or followed by government departments.
wholesales jordans, sports game genre has been popular among the people and attention, such as the FIFA series, the cheap jordans Live series, NHL series are very famous, such as the sports events, sports stars continuously fused into the game
But the also began into the gaming world, foreign Jordans for sale media reported recently the FreakerSNEAKS custom designer Jonny Barry to PS4 theme design a pair of basketball shoes, shoes as a whole with simple black to make it with black PS4 be consistent in appearance, also give a person the feeling of cool.
If only a pair of basketball shoes with words "PS4", it is too monotonous and perfunctory; And Jonny added a HDMI port and the heel design, even if the port is not any actual or so, but this port is the power cord can be access, can make the whole basketball shoes.
Jonny has decided to make this type of 10 pairs of customized version of basketball shoes. Global PS4 limited edition basketball shoes with unique packaging and throw in HDMI cables, will with each pair of $950 (RMB 5837). , and put them in each pair sold $950 (RMB 5837).
Air Jordan 4 is a series of the fourth generation is basketball shoes, Nike Jordan, was born in 1988, is a very classic Air Jordan series, let this series have the soul, and the Air Jordan 4 shoes layup mesh shoes buckle Jordans for sale is famous. Air Jordan series is one of the most successful basketball shoes series, the series of every pair of shoes are recorded in the history, become a classic. But, to a great product is not perfect, from the start AirJordan series is no exception. If the initial retro jordans series do surface kung fu master, that from the beginning of the Air Jordan 4, this series have a real soul.